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GNC for Windows

Generic Numeric Control (GNC), as the name suggests is not an ordinary control system but a totally flexible system. GNC will allow you to build a controller to your own particular needs. The hardware is totally configurable. You can select stepper or servo control and the number of digital and analogue input/outputs. 

The software is Windows compatible and therefore suitable for a multi-tasking environment. 

The user interface can also be customised, allowing the naming of each axis, analogue inputs and outputs, even down to individual input/output signals.

This can be represented on screen in over 48 different colours and three different sizes of font. The whole of the text which appears on the screen can be configured by you, for you. Allowing you to select as much information on screen as required, displaying information in a language your operator can understand, thus reducing the learning curve and increasing operator productivity. 

The operating language can also be customised, commands such as Linear, Rapid or Arc could be used or any commands which suit your operator such as G or M codes. The operating language can also be reduced, removing commands that are not required, thus simplifying the operation of the system even more. 

This user friendly software has a free format edit facility, where G and M codes can be entered in any format, without having to stick to any rules or go through any insert menus. Options such as cut, copy, paste, find and replace, make editing easier. File saving and loading are also Windows standard. 

The system can control up to a maximum of 16 positional axis, which can be in any combination of Stepper (open or closed loop) or AC, DC Servo. As well as its axis control it also has an in built PLC, which can monitor digital and analogue inputs up to 62 times per second. Also controlling digital and analogue outputs. 

The digital inputs and outputs can be selected in any multiple of 8. The analogue inputs and outputs can be up to a maximum of 16 each. 

Other features include ′floating′ panels to aid execution, and it has a typical Windows package layout, so that the structure is easy to follow.

There are two versions of GNC available:

GNC Lite - Free version of the GNC software which comes with the PCI and LAN Motion Controllers.

Features of GNC Lite include:

Windows Compatible
Fully configurable execution screen.
Full Screen editor displaying G&M codes or Text
Continuous Motion
Automatic slowdown for corners and radius
Real-time animated graphics
Axis Control Servo AC, DC or Stepper
Linear Interpolation up to 12 axes
Circular Interpolation
Helical Interpolation
Program memory upto 500,000 blocks
Nested Subroutines  
Conditional While loops  
Conditional Goto Labels
Floating Datum
Automatic Datum
Check Tool Length compensation
Operator Prompts
Digital Inputs  
Digital Outputs
Analogue Inputs
Analogue Outputs

GNC System 16 - The full version of GNC contains all of the features of GNC Lite and extra features. These extra features are:

Tool Radius Compensation
DXF Interface
HPGL Interface
CAM Interface
Dry Run Button
Settings Button
Reset Button
Password Protection for Operator and Programmer
Keypad Interface
Simple Nesting
Tangential Option
Timer Sub
Gearing Function
Backup around program path
Parametric Programming Multi tool Option
Tool Path

GNC Screen layout setup for Welding Application

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How to use the software to datum a machine
Converting a CAD File

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Converting a CAD File Manually

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Testing I/O

How to test the I/O is working.

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