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AMT-PCI-MC4 Servo Motion
Multi Axis Control Card

AMT-PCI-MC4 Multi axis control

This board is a PC compatible multi axis servo and stepper motion control card, giving a high level of protection against noise. Ideal for industrial applications, with a comprehensive range of software support and a excellent price performance. This card can be used in a variety of applications from a simple single axis indexing tool, to a multi axis profile cutting machine. Several cards can be used in the same PC. 


  • Controls 4 DC or AC servo motors 

  • Multiple cards may be used in the same system 

  • Low cost Modular design for maximum flexibility

  • Fully opto isolated (+/- 2500 volts) 

  • Easy to interface software library included 

  • 4 channels of incremental encoder inputs 

  • 16 bit DAC′s supply velocity / torque demand 

  • Backed by 12 months warranty and telephone support 

  • British Designed and Built


  • Motion Control and positioning

  • System Automation

  • Robotics

  • Automatic Welding Machine

  • Profile cutting machines

  • Woodwork Routing Machines

  • Engraving Machines

  • Drilling Machines

  • Laser cutting machines

  • Water jet cutting machines

  • Glue laying machines

  • Automatic stitching machines

  • Lathes and Mills

Key Features

  • 4 axis of Servo Control 

  • 4 axis of Stepper Control 

  • Smooth continues path motion 

  • Circular Interpolation 

  • Linear Interpolation up to 10 axes 

  • Helical Interpolation 

  • 16 Optically Isolated Digital Inputs 

  • Up to 16 Optically Isolated Digital Outputs  

  • Comprehensive software support 

  • Windows compatible DLL & driver 

  • PCI Plug and Play configuration 

  • 4 optically isolated Differential bit AB encoder input channels 

  • 4 isolated 16 bit analogue output channels 

  • Each encoder channel contains a 15bit up/down counter 

  • 4 isolated 12 bit analogue input channel * 

  • 16 Outputs when none of the Stepper channel are being used. 

    *Optional extra


  • 4 axis Stepper 16 digital inputs 8 digital outputs

  • 4 axis Servo 16 digital inputs 16 digital outputs

  • 4 axis Servo 4 axis Stepper 16 digital inputs 8 digital outputs

  • Up to 4 analog inputs option

  • Dual CAN Interface Option

Example Setup

AMT-PCI-MC4 servo drive connection

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Amtech made in Britain

All Amtech branded products are designed and manufactured in Britain.

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