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About us

Amtech (Automated Micro Technology Ltd.) was founded in 1989 as a PC industrial system integrator. After using a range of PC based motion control cards from other suppliers without much success, Amtech developed its own range of PC motion control cards. Primary for use in the Welding industry, this required a high level of protection from electrical noise. As Amtech’s reputation grew as a reliable bespoke motion control system builder, Amtech decided to develop a motion control software system (GNC System 16) giving the customer a simple to use configurable motion control system to suit their exact needs. With Amtech’s range of industrial PC motion control cards and configurable software, the system was soon being used in a much wider range of applications:-

  • Automatic welding systems

  • Profile cutting

  • Woodworking

  • Engraving

  • Laser cutting

  • Water jet cutting

  • Glue laying

  • Automatic stitching

  • Lathe and Miller controls

  • Wire bending

  • Glass cutting

  • Robotics

With Amtech’s easy to use software, applications could be configured simply and quickly, by a wide range of companies from the large OEM’s (Original equipment manufacturers), to experienced system builders to end users.

After ten years of successful sales of the ISA based boards, and another twelve years of sales of the PCI Motion Control card, Amtech have used all their experience to produce a truly industrial LAN based motion control board, with ground breaking features and price performance. All Amtech’s products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Amtech now requires Agents to distribute their products world wide.

Amtech made in Britain

All Amtech branded products are designed and manufactured in Britain.

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