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PC-Motion Multi axis motion control system

Amtech’s PC-Motion, is a ready to use motion control system which can be quickly configured to suit your application, no need to load any software or hardware just switch on the PC and you are ready to start using. The GNC FOR WINDOWS software will allow you to quickly build a control system to your own specific needs. It has the flexibility to offer you a simple single axis control or multi axis motion control system. The user friendly operator interface is created using a selection of fonts, colour′s and bitmaps giving a unique custom feel. Displaying as much or as little information on screen as you choose, making the operators training quick and easy.
Amtech have been in the PC motion control business for over 15 years, both designing and manufacturing the hardware and software. The wide range of applications over the years is a testament to the quality and flexibility of these products.



Automatic welding systems

Plasma Profile cutting



Laser cutting

Water jet cutting

Glue laying

Automatic stitching

Lathe and Miller controls

Wire and Tube bending

Glass cutting


Multi Axes Motion Control 

Amtech’s latest 32 bit PCI motion control card is at the heart of the PC-Motion control system, a truly industrial motion control board with ground braking features and price performance. The card has both four axes of servo and four axes of stepper control, with up to 16 digital outputs and 16 digital inputs and all come with a high level of protection against noise. The control card can also have fitted an optional dual CAN interface and up to four channels of analog input. 

PC-Motion Features 


  • Servo / Stepper control

  • Full linear, circular & helical interpolation

  • Continuous non-stop contouring, with look ahead for corners and small radius

  • GNC language with over 50 commands

  • Full colour animated graphical simulation

  • Fully configurable user interface Variable and parameter programming

  • Nested subroutines and conditional repeat loops

  • CAD/CAM Interface with DXF & HPGL input.

  • Easy to use program editor

DXF and HPGL Interface 

Because the speed of part program generation is one of the most important parts of an efficient control system; GNC comes with a DXF or HPGL interface program converter.
This allows CAD systems to interface directly to GNC. You can produce a DXF or HPGL file on your CAD system and then pass it to GNC for immediate conversion, allowing the operator to select a start point and directions. GNC will also allow the automatic addition of a 3rd dimension such as the raising or lowering of a cutting head, thus converting a 2D CAD drawing into a 2.5D program. 

Associated Products

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All Amtech branded products are designed and manufactured in Britain.

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