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Hercules Propellers

Hercules Propellers are a propeller manufacturing company. They design and build aircraft specific propellers. They use the Amtech PCI Motion Controller, Amtech PC and the GNC software to run their woodwork routing machine.

"This takes around an hour to complete, to one-tenth of a millimetre accuracy. By then the propeller looks pretty much finished and the machine is ankle-deep in sawdust." 

"Final surface finishing is completed by hand, although the CNC machine works to such close tolerances there is little to be done."

"Use of numerically-controlled machinery at Hercules ensures that the production item conforms with the computer model. "

"Once this resin has set, the whole propeller is finished with several coats of two-pack epoxy primer, topped off with a tough, transparent, two-pack polyurethane lacquer." 

"The Hercules logos are applied and the propeller is finished."

Examples of finished Hercules Propellers installed on aircraft


All Amtech branded products are designed and manufactured in Britain.

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