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Raspberry Pi Motion Control


       Amtech bring you Pi-Motion! The ultimate low cost, touch screen motion control system. Bringing together the Raspberry Pi with its high level of functionality, LAN-Motion our latest high performance multi axes control card and GNC motion control software. Pi-Motion is an extremely powerful multi axes control system. At the heart of the system is a Raspberry Pi computer which is running on a 64 bit quad-core ARM Cortex processor. The motion controller is based on a fast 32-bit RISC processor with a floating point co-processor. These two device communicate over 10/100 Ethernet interface, and is capable of transferring 8000 program blocks per minute.
       The controls user interface is provided by GNC motion control software, giving a truly intuitive operator interface. The combination of these products offers a flexible and affordable motion control solution, for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. 
The panel mount enclosure which is rated to IP65, can be used to house the touch screen and processor to give it extra protection, for use in industrial environments. The fact that it can be panel mounted simplifies the installation of this control system


• Fully Integrated Control System Fully Flexible Configurable User Interface
• Integrated Touch Screen Display
• Stepper Control 1 - 4 Axes
• Stepper Signal Outputs up to 200,000 steps per second
• Connection of a keyboard or mouse via Bluetooth or USB
• Download of programs to the controller via wireless LAN or USB
• DXF, PLT and CAM Interface
• Profile path look ahead
• Smooth continuous motion
• Circular Interpolation
• Linear Interpolation on 4 axes
• Helical Interpolation
•  Built in PLC
• 16 Optically Isolated Inputs
• 8 Optically Isolated Ouputs
• Raspberry Pi manufactured in the UK


Analogue output specification
Four 16 bit DACs, with a +/- 10 volts signal. At power on DAC outputs will be at 0v. All DAC outputs can be updated simultaneously under software control.


Encoder input
Four optically isolated input channels, each supporting 5 volt differential inputs for the A, B and Index signals. 

Maximum input frequency on each of the A, B and index signals 4MHz (16,000,000 counts per second).
Internal 15 bit up/down counters used to maintain position registers.
Digital input filter to remove noise spikes.

Analogue input
Up to 4 optional 12 bit ADC input channel.


Operating temperature          0  to +70 degrees C
PCB Board size                      210 mm long x 88 mm wide 25mm tall
Din Rail Enclosure size           212 mm long x 90 mm wide 62mm tall

Panel Mount Enclosure 7”      236 mm high 316 mm wide 53 mm deep

Pi Motion Rear
Pi Motion Multi Axis Control

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Amtech Made in Britain

All Amtech branded products are designed and manufactured in Britain.

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