Amtech are able to supply a range of motor and drives and which can interface to our PCI and LAN Motion controllers. All these drives and motors have been tested and used in previous applications using either of the PCI or LAN Controllers.

Panasonic servo.JPG

Panasonic AC Servo


The MINAS A-4 Series by Panasonic provides real-time auto tuning, Pulse and analog command input, Fast response and positioning, Position, velocity and torque control 
Speed response frequency 1kHz, Incremental encoder (2500p/r), 17-bit absolute encoder, ultra low, low, middle and high inertia motor types and Vibration control.

msd-stepper-drives range.jpg

MSD Stepper Drive Range

The MSD stepper drives are a range of 2-phase analogue microstepping drives. They give precise analogue current control giving superior high speed torque, low stepping noise and motor temperature. The MSD range is suitable for use in applications such as packaging machinery, CNC engraving & cutting machines, pick-and-place devices and textile equipment.


Hybrid Stepper Motors

Hybrid stepper motors have proved ideal in such applications as ticketing machines, medical pumps, printing machines and CNC machines with widespread use in many other areas.


All Amtech branded products are designed and manufactured in Britain.