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Linear Screw Actuators

MXE Linear Screw Actuators B3S Ball Screw Linear Actuator TKS Precision Linear Actuator BCS Screw Drive Actuator SLS Screw Drive Actuator

Guidance System Choice of S-Solid rail or P-Profiled rail Recirculating Ball Bearings Ground profile rails and ball bearing blocks Self-lubricating bearing rods with adjustable carrier bracket Recirculating bearings on ground steel shafts
Rigidity Medium to High High Superior Medium to Medium-Low Medium to Medium-High
Maximum Static Lateral Load 70-1,472lb (Depending on bearing and carrier Selection) 591-8,032 lb. (depending on load carrying options 868-1735 lb. (depending on load carrying options 300-600 lb.  (depending on load carrying options) 100-200 lb.  (depending on load carrying options)
Maximum Stroke 59-120"  (depending on screw and model selection) 61-179"  (depending on screw selection) 29-96" (depending on screw selection) 59-120"  (depending on screw selection) 61-120"  (depending on screw selection)

For more detailed information on the different ranges of slides see the attached datasheet.

Amtech can supply these slides ready fitted with any of the  Panasonic or Estun motors. 

Amtech can also wire up limit switches and datum switches if needed.

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