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AC Servo Drive Interface Board

The Drive Interface board was designed to be used with the AMTECH AMT-PCI-MC4 servo control board.  It enables the user to interface between AMTECH’s control cards with a wide range Servo Drives easily and quickly.  
The board provides easy connection of up to four drives through 37 way D type connectors.  Amtech provide cables for ABB, Panasonic and Mitsubishi drives, others to follow.  Also giving 4 outputs through 10 Amp single pole relays. Two part, screw terminals for digital inputs and outputs. It can be either mounted by its DIN rail case or using the four PCB mounting holes.


AMT-PCI-MC4 Digital Inputs / Outputs

Screw terminals for 12 optically isolated input channels, with jumper settings for active high and active low inputs. 
Another 4 inputs are directly used for axis ready signals from the drives. I/P 13  X Ready      I/P 15  Z Ready
I/P 14  Y Ready      I/P 16  W Ready

Screw terminals for 16 optically isolated output channels, the first four outputs can be used to drive 4 Omron SPCO 10A Relays with separate wiring to 8x2 screw terminals.  The last 4 outputs are used to drive axis enables on the drives. 
O/P 13  X Enable      O/P 15  Z  Enable
O/P 14  Y Enable      O/P 16  W Enable

Power input via screw terminal connectors 0V & +24VDC.  F1 is a 2A fuse for the 24V supply, and D1 is the power LED for the 24V circuit.

AMT-PCI-MC4 Servo Control Board

Drive Connections J3-J6
J3 connector separates the signals needed from the 4 axis control card, to drive one individual axis.  Screw terminals are provided for axis limit switches, both positive and negative.  The axis limit inputs are dealt with by the drives electronics.  J3 would connect to a drive and motor, this axis would be identified as the X axis.  D3 is a LED which indicates X axis ready, when a drive and motor are connected.
Connectors J4-J6 are used exactly the same way as J3 but control the Y axis, Z axis and W axis.  Analogue Input (Optional on AMT-PCI-MC4 control card.)
Screw terminals are provided for the analogue input.  A0 is for the analogue input 0V, AI is for the analogue input.  R15 is a potentiometer for calibrating the analogue input.

Power input via screw terminal connectors 0ve & +5VDC.  D2 is the power LED for the 5V circuit, which powers the encoder inputs on the servo control board.


Din Rail:-  Width 344mm  Depth 126mm Height 78mm

PCB:-  Width 342mm  Depth 108mm Height 45mm

Wiring Diagram

Connections on servo interface board

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All Amtech branded products are designed and manufactured in Britain.

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