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The A4 Servo range of drives sports a fast frequency response of 1KHz, improved real time auto gain tuning, new vibration control features, and 2Mpps command input. The A4 Series is also in compliance with SEMI F47 Standard.

The Panasonic A4 Series Motors are able to provide a highly dynamic performance thanks to their compact dimensions and low inertias. Powers range from 50W to 1.5kW and each motor has a built-in 2500 pulse incremental encoder. The Motor enclosure is IP65 rated. Rated speeds are 3000 r/min with a peak capacity of 5000 r/min.

Matching pre-configured cables are available for power and encoder connections between the motor and the drive.

Key Features

  • Real-time auto tuning

  • Pulse and analog command input

  • Fast response and positioning

  • Position, velocity and torque control

  • Motor Types: Super low, low, middle and high inertia

  • Speed response frequency 1kHz

  • Incremental encoder (2500p/r)

  • Absolute encoder (17bit) available

  • Vibration control

Example drive setup.JPG

All Amtech branded products are designed and manufactured in Britain.

Associated Products

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